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 Partner/Sponsor Fact Sheet

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When your public or private organization joins the fūdrr community you will help New Mexicans adopt healthier lifestyles.  Produce retailers and growers, all healthcare providers and insurers, social service agencies, schools, park and recreation departments, and other public and private organizations are all invited to join the fūdrr community.


About fūdrr - The Healthy Lifestyle Website

  • Free Bilingual, Family and Mobile Friendly Website
  • Users Earn Fresh Produce Points Redeemable at Local Retailers
  • Points can be donated to help feed hungry New Mexicans
  • Users earn points when they participate in healthy eating and active living challenges, quizzes, and blogs and engaging with each other.
  • Partnership opportunities: 
    • Donate fudrr produce rewards
    • Sponsor fudrr features such as:
      • Healthy eating challenges, contests, blogs, quizzes, and community healthy lifestyle campaigns.
      • Translations
      • Marketing and outreach support
    • Receive detailed reports of the impact of your contribution.


The growing list of fūdrr’s community partners include:


Partners and sponsors benefit from positive branding/imaging on and at fūdrr retail outlets. Contributions can include in-kind (outreach, expertise, etc.) and/or monetary contributions.  We will work with you to create healthy lifestyle campaigns for your constituents or the general public. 


Produce Retailer Benefits:

  • Brings customers to your door when you sponsor fūdrr produce points for redemption at your store.   Fūdrr users earn points which are redeemable at local retailers.  500 points = $5 fresh produce coupon.
  • Brings customers when users redeem fūdrr rewards sponsored by other organizations. such as healthcare organizations encouraging their patients to consumer more produce and other organizations interested in promoting fūdrr’s positive, healthy lifestyle message.
  • Increases demand for fresh produce through fudrr healthy eating campaigns.
  • Receive detailed reports of the impact of your produce donations at your business.


Healthcare Provider and Employee Wellness Program Benefits:

  • Create customized healthy lifestyle challenges for the people you serve with chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes or with special health needs such as new moms.
  • Increase access to produce for the people you serve by providing fūdrr produce rewards for those in greatest need.
  • Use the power of social media to encourage patients/members to adopt healthier lifestyles. Health care providers can lead a private group, including creating healthy lifestyle challenges.
  • Target geographic areas with high needs through collaborative community projects.
  • Receive confidential detailed reports of fūdrr engagement by the people you serve.


Click here to join the fūdrr community.

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Mary Meyer, RD, Director Kids Cook! -

Leora Jaeger, Public Health Planning Consultant,

Founded in 2001, Kids Cook! ( has provided healthy eating, cooking, and active living programming for over 40,000 students and their families in low-income schools and the general public at farmer’s markets, health clinics, and other community venues.