Test your food knowledge, spin the wheel of fortune, and enter active-living contests. Every week, we have new quizzes and challenges, giving you more chances to earn points and win!

Share your recipes, pictures of food, and how your family is staying healthy together!

Fudrr and Kids Cook! are working together to bring your family recipes, ideas, and resources that your family can use at home, while also encouraging you, our community, to come together and share your own tips, tricks, and experiences. The best way to learn is together!

What is fudrr?

Fudrr is an online community that celebrates healthy lifestyles - whatever that looks like to your family! Share your favorite recipes, what’s growing in your garden, the best fresh fruit you found.


How it works.

Fudrr rewards your participation with points - every post, contest entry, comment, like, and more will give you points. Every time you use Fudrr and interact with your community, you are rewarded - so those points add up fast! Every 500 points you earn can be exchanged for a $5 coupon for fresh produce from local retailers, or donate your points to others.

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Sponsors & Partners.

Fudrr is powered by Kids Cook! and funded by Presbyterian Community Health. Our retail partners include Silver Street Market, Mana Mart, and Moriarty Foods.

We are continually working with our local community retailers, schools, and healthcare providers to expand our network!

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